The Basics

On this page you will learn the basics of running your Hurco CNC mill or lathe. Questions we often get such as "How do I turn on the control?", "How do I calibrate my machine?", "How do I calibrate my control?", will be covered.


How To Turn On Your Hurco Control

How To Calibrate Your Machine & Tool Changer

Manual Tool Change & Clear Tool in Spindle

How To Park & Power Down Your Hurco

Part Setup Without a Probe

Tool Touch Off Without a Probe

Load a Conversational Or NC Program Via USB

How To Calibrate Your Screen

Unwind Your Rotary

Using The Skew Probing Cycle

Using G28 On Your Mill

Tool & Part Setup On A Lathe

How To Set Tool Length Offsets Tool Presetter

Language Selection on the Hurco Control

Understanding Tool Length and Radius Offsets with Hurco

Tip for Entering Metric Tooling Data on a Hurco

Accessing DRO Screens on the Hurco Control (Digital Readout)

How Many Hours Are on Your Machine & Spindle?

Find the Current Software Version on Your Hurco

Rotary Wrap

User Definable G & M Codes

Programming a Mirror Image in WinMax

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