The Basics

On this page, you will learn the basics of running your Hurco CNC mill or lathe. Common questions, such as how to turn on the control, how to calibrate the machine and how to calibrate the control, will be covered.


How To Turn On Your Hurco Control

How To Calibrate Your Machine & Tool Changer

Manual Tool Change & Clear Tool in Spindle

How To Park & Power Down Your Hurco

Part Setup Without a Probe

Tool Touch Off Without a Probe

Load a Conversational Or NC Program Via USB

How To Calibrate Your Screen

Unwind Your Rotary

Using The Skew Probing Cycle

Using G28 On Your Mill

Tool & Part Setup On A Lathe

How To Set Tool Length Offsets Tool Presetter

Language Selection on the Hurco Control

Understanding Tool Length and Radius Offsets with Hurco

Tip for Entering Metric Tooling Data on a Hurco

Accessing DRO Screens on the Hurco Control (Digital Readout)

How Many Hours Are on Your Machine & Spindle?

Find the Current Software Version on Your Hurco

Rotary Wrap

User Definable G & M Codes

Programming a Mirror Image in WinMax

How to Adjust Autosave Settings

How to Adjust NC Editor Settings

Dual Theme Software Display Feature

A "Dual Theme" software display feature that offers a dark mode setting is now available on the WinMax® control versions 10.4.0 or higher. In this video, we show the differences in display with the new "Dual Theme" and walk you through how to switch between the different settings.

Downloading Manuals from Control

Here we walk you through how to download manuals and other documents from the control.

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