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Hurco Training & Resources

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      The Basics

      On this page you will learn the basics of running your Hurco CNC mill or lathe. These videos cover questions we often get, such as:

      • "How do I turn on the control?"
      • "How do I calibrate my machine?"
      • "How do I calibrate my control?"

      Mill Intro Training Course

      This training class covers conversational programming for 3-axis machines and basic operation of the control. Students are guided through a course of programming parts from basic to more complex.

      lathe image intro

      2-Axis Lathe Training Course

      This training class covers conversational programming on V11 and the basic rules and interactions for 2-axis lathes. Students are guided through a course of programming examples from basic to more complex.

      5-Axis Training Course

      This training class covers conversational programming and the basic rules and interactions for 5-axis machines. Students are guided through a course of programming examples from basic to more complex.


      3D Import with DXF Technology

      Solid Model Import enables importing a customer's 3D solid model (.stp file) into the control system. It is especially useful for 5-sided programming as it automatically generates transform planes, simplifying the process. Transform planes are essential for easy 5-sided programming in Hurco machines.


      Training Webinar Series

      Hurco Quick Training Sessions: Using Helix and Threadmill, Miscellaneous Data Blocks Hurco CNC Control, Using Swept Surface on 2D Geometry, Absolute Tool Length Explained, Hurco Conversational Rotary Programming, Programming 5 Sided Conversational Transform Plane, Hurco Conversational NC Merge, AdaptiPath, Tool Material Library and Database, Hurco NC Tool Offsets, Hurco & ProCobots, Hurco Program Parameters & User Preferences, Machine Parameters, NC Parameters, new NC Editor, Tool Life Monitoring, Printing Data, and Toggling, Import Functions, Using STL as Stock Geometry, Rotary Program Types and how to use them, Tool Change Optimization, and more.


      WinMax Help Center

      Your complete WinMax help resource.

      WinMax Desktop Trial

      Follow this link below to download a 30-day free trial of the Hurco WinMax software.


      The Machinists' Reference Guide

      The Machinists' Reference Guide contains machine G&M Codes, recommended speeds and feeds, part and tool setup procedures, useful calculations, and more!

      Stay Connected

      Hurco is represented by an experienced group of distributors who handle applications, sales, and service: Click here to find your distributor.

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      Hurco | Applications Contact Information
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      Hurco | Service & Support Contact Information
      Email: service@hurco.com
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      History of Hurco

      Hurco has been advancing the manufacturing industry for 50+ years.
      From the first computer controlled back gauge in 1969 to our patented UltiMotion system, we are dedicated to technology innovation that makes manufacturing more efficient and manufacturing companies more profitable.


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