Hurco 2-Axis Lathe Training Course

This training class covers conversational programming for V11 2-axis Hurco lathes and basic operation of the control. Students are guided through a course of programming parts from basic to more complex.

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Please Note: This course is designed for users on the MAX5 control. If you have a MAX4 Control (see figure below) please see the original Mill Training Intro series located here

Tool Setup

In this video we explain how to describe the tools that you will be using in your program, and how to apply speeds and feeds data, etc..

Stock & Part Setup

In this video we will show you how to designate stock geometry for use in graphics.

Rules of Programming


Intro 1: OD Turning - Part A


Intro 1: OD Turning - Part B

Intro 2: Facing Off and OD Turning

Intro 3: Drilling & ID Boring

Intro 4: OD Threading & Grooving

Intro 5: Do on your own

Note: Intro 5 is in your print packet. Intro 5 is an optional print for you to do on your own.


Intro 6: OD Profile with a Grooving Tool

Intro 7: Pattern OD Grooving & Programming Cutoff

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