MAX5 Features

The MAX5 Hurco control console is the epitome of user-centric design. We put together the concept, made a working sample, and tested it with customers with varying levels of experience. Their input during multiple usability tests resulted in 80 improvements to the design and functionality of the MAX5 control console. In the design world, it’s called ergonomics and usability. We call it common sense. The MAX5 console from Hurco: Customer refined and customer approved!

  • BONUS: Best Technical Specs in the Industry!
  • 4GB RAM Memory
  • 2.7 GHz Dual Core Processor
  • 128GB Solid State Hard drive
  • Up to 4,000 bps Processing Speed
  • Up to 10,000 Block Lookahead with UltiMotion

The Hurco MAX5 Console

19-inch touch screen LCD

with three view options

On-Screen Quick Menu

On-Screen Quick Menu

streamlines menu access

Adjustable-angle keypad

Adjustable-angle keypad

Zero to 90 degrees

USB Ports

Dual USB ports

to easily connect mouse + transfer files

Flip-Out hook

Flip-Out hook

for hanging air nozzles + other tools

The Hurco MAX5 Console Keypad
Override knobs

Override knobs

with convenient one-press presets



designed with tactile cues to increase usability

Download the NEW MAX5 Brochure

A list of all the exciting new features available on the MAX5 Console

CUSTOMER Input: Anvil Bikeworks, Golden, Colorado

Anvil Bikeworks has the distinction of being the first customer in the USA to purchase a Hurco CNC machine with the new MAX5 control.
We love that Matt Hartman at Anvil Bikeworks has named the remote jog unit the RPG! Scroll to the bottom of the picture to see why Matt calls his MAX5 RPG a work of art.

"The RPG (Remote Pulse Generator) is a work of art. The magnetic base makes it easy to take off the control and put it on the mill. When you are using the RPG remotely having a DRO on it takes it to the next level for usability. You're using it remotely for a reason, so looking at the main screen might not be easy. You can start and stop programs from the RPG, control speeds, and it even has a built in flashlight for quick inspection." - Matt Hartman, Production Supervisor, Anvil Bikeworks

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Hurco Product Lineup

Whether you call it a milling machine, a machining center, or a machine tool, Hurco has the right CNC equipment to make your business more profitable. We have expanded our product categories to serve our customers requests for the integrated Hurco control on a specific type of CNC machine.

Hurco VM20i Mill

VM Series (Learn More...)

Vertical Mills – General Purpose
Hurco VMX6030i Mill

VMX Series (Learn More...)

Vertical Mills – Performance
Hurco VMX42Ui

U Series (Learn More...)

5-Axis Mils – Trunnion Table
Hurco VMX60SRTi

SRT Series (Learn More...)

5-Axis Mills – Swivel Head
Hurco DCX32-5Si

DCX32-5Si (Learn More...)

Double-Column Mills
Hurco TM8i Lathe

TM Series (Learn More...)

General Purpose Lathes
Hurco TMM10i Lathe

TMM Series (Learn More...)

3-axis Turning Centers
Hurco TMX10i Lathe

TMX Series (Learn More...)

Performance Lathes + Mill Turn
Hurco TMX8MYSi Lathe

MY / MYS Series (Learn More...)

Multi-axis Turning Centers
Hurco TM18LBBi Lathe

Large TM (Learn More...)

Heavy Duty Lathes

About Us

Hurco is an American company (Nasdaq: HURC) with global reach. Based in Indianapolis, Hurco engineers have been inventing technology that makes machinists more productive and job shops more profitable since 1968. We build CNC machines that are equipped with the MAX control powered by WinMax® software. The Hurco control is the most flexible in the industry because it is equally powerful whether you use conversational or Industry Standard NC programming…or you can use the best of both with Hurco’s NC/Conversational Merge feature.

How Hurco Makes Shops More Profitable

Discover Hurco

Although Hurco is officially listed as a global machine tool builder, the technology we develop is what makes our customers more productive and makes their businesses more profitable. Manufacturing equipment that makes machinists more productive and shops more profitable has been the core purpose of Hurco since 1968 when Edward Humston and Gerald Roch founded the company in Indianapolis. Mr. Roch grew up around machining and knew there was a way that the emerging computer technology could make machine shops more efficient.

Fast forward to today. Mr. Roch was right and his dream has been realized: Hurco designs and builds CNC machines that make our customers more profitable because of the control technology we develop. The operating system of our MAX5 control, called WinMax®, lets our customers program parts faster so they can manufacture those parts more efficiently. While our CNC machines are found in Fortune 500 companies, such as Caterpillar, GM, GE, and Google, most of our customers are family-owned job shops that manufacture a high mix of parts in small to medium batches for many different industries. For them, making more chips is critical. Time spent programming and setting up the part cuts into profit margins.

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Expand Your Profit Power

HURCO Core Competencies

To meet our obligation to help these manufacturing entrepreneurs increase profit margins, we have developed a set of core competencies as an organization that we continue to foster.

  • Control technology that is intuitive, user-friendly, and reduces setup and programming operations.
  • Customer-centric organization that is focused on the success of its customers.
  • Established company with a strong balance sheet.
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