Expand Your PROFIT Power (and your PEOPLE Power)
with Hurco CNC Technology


You need to do more with less to succeed in precision manufacturing these days. That's where Hurco can help. Our control technology is versatile, which means you determine the best way to approach each job that comes through the door and you can count on the Hurco control to adapt: Conversational, NC, CAD/CAM--we've got you covered. Our control technology is user-friendly, intuitive, and efficient, which means you can expand your people power: operators can contribute more to the bottom line with the right technology. Eliminate idle time and eliminate bottle necks with Hurco control technology. 


Hurco Conversational Programming >>

Hurco revolutionized the machine tool industry in 1978 when our co-founder, Gerald Roch, developed shop floor programming for mills. Dubbed Hurco Conversational Programming, Mr. Roch's vision was to use technology (software) to decrease the time it took to go from part design to machining the part, by creating an intuitive programming method that enabled the machinist or operator to program the part right at the machining center's control. Powered by our WinMax® control platform, conversational is better than ever with an enhanced graphical interface, even more simplified programming, and intuitive software features that eliminate redundancy.


CAM + NC Programs >>

If you’re a tried and true G-coder who is under the impression the Hurco control doesn’t handle NC programs, give us another look. Our control has the look-ahead and processing power you need for large NC programs.  The NC side of our control supports ISO/EIA standards, which means you can upload your existing programs, including Fanuc® and Siemens®, and run them with little or no editing.


5-Axis Programming >>

Many shop owners think they don’t have parts that warrant the investment in a 5-axis CNC machining center, but we have scores of customers who have increased their profit margins by doing traditional 3-axis parts on our 5-axis machining centers. The 5-sided (3+2) conversational programming of the Hurco control makes the transition from 3-axis to 5-sided easy—and you won’t need to use a CAM system!


UltiMotion Motion Control Technology >>

What would a 30% reduction in cycle time mean to your shop?  More margin per part? More machine capacity?  The specific benefits will vary for each shop, but it's easy to see how UltiMotion will pay for itself faster than any other control technology available. And you can only get UltiMotion from us because we invented it.


Machine Tool Line-Up >>

With over 60 machines to meet your needs—whether it’s machining, turning, 5-axis, or large parts, Hurco has a machine with all the exclusive Hurco technology that will get you from print to part faster.

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Reduce Cycle Time by 30% with UltiMotion

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