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Hurco has partnered with ProCobots to help our customers with their Job Shop Automation needs. In our annual survey, customers say finding operators is the number one problem they face. The idea surrounding Practical Job Shop Automation by ProCobots is the idea that the right system will free up machinists to do more of the high-value tasks while the automation equipment handles the redundant machine tending tasks. Focused on high mix/low volume production, ProCobots offers automation systems that can be connected to any new or existing machine tool. No experience with robotics is required. Learn more at


Hurco CNC is also partnering with BMO Automation to provide turnkey automation solutions when higher capacity and higher payload are required. 




The Automation Quadrant at the Hurco IMTS 2018 booth was "standing room only" with lines of people waiting for demos that highlighted the power of Hurco connectivity with automation technology (Industry 4.0. IIot...Industrial Internet of Things). This page provides an overview of what we did, how we did it, and what that means to shops everywhere.

  • Simple and secure internet connection between Hurco control and robot controllers or peripheral devices:
    • Collaborative Robots
    • Multi-Axis Serial Robots
    • Pallet Systems
  • Automate high-mix, low-volume part production
  • Open-source interface software available on GitHub


How we did it

Preparing the 3D model for CAM
We used a Robotic 3D scanner (UR10 Collaborative robot, 3D Sense scanner). Then we did a little cleanup on the 3D model (solidify, align, scale and smooth with 3D Systems’ Geomagic software) to prepare the 3D model for CAM. 

CAM automatic tool path
We chose either the 3-Axis coin demo or the 5-Axis sculpture.
Then we used Surfcam templates to automatically generate the tool path.
3D model scanning, processing, and CAM tool path were developed by Online Resources


3-Axis Coin Demo

  1. The coin stock material was pre-engraved with the QR code, Hurco logo, and IMTS 2018 label by the Fanuc robot cell using a Keyence laser marker
  2. The part program was loaded to the Erowa JMS™ Job Management System
  3. JMS™ commands facilitated the Erowa Robot part exchange
  4. JMS™ remote commands instruct the program to run on the Hurco VM10 3-Axis machine.

Tooling by Millstar

5-Axis Head Sculpture Demo

  1. The cylindrical stock material was engraved with the QR code, Hurco log, and IMTS 2018 label in the Fanuc robot cell.
  2. The part program was automatically loaded into Hurco’s Job Manager for Fanuc
  3. Hurco Job Manager commands facilitated the Fanuc robot part exchange
  4. Hurco Job Manager remote commands instructed the WinMax control to run the program on the Hurco VM30Ui 5-Axis machine.

Workholding by Schunk, Tooling by Millstar


Fanuc Robot Cell

  1. The coin and sculpture stock material were engraved with QR codes, Hurco logo, and IMTS 2018 label in the Fanuc robot cell using a Keyence laser marker system.
  2. Additionally, the visitor’s IMTS badge name was transferred by the Hurco Job Manager to the Fanuc robot cell to instruct the laser to engrave it on the part prior to machining.

Fanuc cell and laser engraving was developed by Industrial Controls & Automation


Special Thanks to Our Automation Partners at IMTS 2018

3D Systems, Erowa, Fanuc Robotics, Industrial Controls & Automation, Keyence, Millstar, Online Resources, Schunk, Surfcam, Universal Robots

Press Release

Automation Exhibit at Hurco Booth Focuses on High Mix/Low Volume Part Production

Automation integration used to be more expensive and difficult because you had simple I/O connections and needed to reprogram a PLC when changing parts. CNC manufacturers and automation providers have been working together to provide seamless integration between the CNC control and the robot control. With software systems talking to each other over an Ethernet connection, users can now bundle all aspects of the job together. Hurco has created a new level of flexibility and simplicity in part change-over in production cells.

Read the press release

IMTS-TV Interview about the Hurco Automation Exhibit at IMTS 2018


Emerging Technology Center

Sponsored by AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, the owner and operator of IMTS, this exhibit highlights the digital manufacturing revolution in action and how businesses in aerospace, automotive, medical and energy sectors are implementing cutting-edge innovations.

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